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Schoeps CMC6/MK4 Frustrations

I auditioned a stereo pair of these for orchestral recording for reference. I loved the sound stage but it is also uneven in ORTF. The thing is, when compared to DPA 4011, the MK4 sounds stuffy. The ambient. The instruments can be heard but there is this fog that the DPAs do not have. The DPaas could not replicate the sound stage. Is the preamp the problem or the capsule on the Schoeps? I am going into a Nagra VI which is a warm and colored preamp. I am wondering if this fog would lift through a different pre? Another thing I liked is that the highs never pinched or were harsh. The MK4 sounds to ne more like a wide cardiod.

The thing I am not looking forward to is capsule shootouts. I tend to use cardiods as main pair and add room later as I cannot stand a bad room and audience bleed from coughing, sneezing, chairs, doors, babies, talking, etc;

Im getting off track. I want a more transparent sound without any other compromises. Is there a better capsule or better preamplifier other than CMC? I understand there is someone that modifies the preamps in Denmark but I cant see spending 1800 on a mic only to basically swap everything out.

Or, is this a capsule issue? It seems like there are 50 capsules fir each polar pattern.

The DPAs sound great on studio monitors and headphones. They sound like total garabage on ear buds and consumer playback devices. The opposite with Schoeps sounding foggy but on consumer gear sounds nice.