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It seems to be uncool to name a Neumann of the current production in this thread, but I'll do:
Neumann M149!

It's my favourite mic in my harem - but I really love them all.

I can see a pair of Gefell UM 70 on your photo ! Nobody knows these great mic factory in the east part of Germany ? They are building really good mics for half the price of a Neumann, being Neumann-Ost in a very professional way. The history is that they were divorced in Neumann west and Neumann east, so Gefell became Neumann East. After the reunion of Germany, Gefell restarted the business, and Mister Thiersch was one of the capsule proofs. I got the M 930 and am happy since about 14 years. Looking forward to buy a UMT70s.