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I should also add, this video is on my home edit rig in my home office.
sorry but not once did you show the pro tools performance meter, which is all i needed to see to see how it was behaving at 64 buffer..Pro tools performance meter is all that matters, not a real cpu meter, as the pro tools performance meter gives an exact indication of what headroom pro tools itself has got left and can do. I wanted to see if the performance meter was bouncing around like crazy like it does on mac at low buffer.

64 is also a lot different to 32 but i realise you don't have the 32 buffer option on windows.

I just tried 24 audio tracks with VMR and VTM on each at 64 buffer on my macbook, and no problems at all.. Can just do it at 32 as well, but meters are maxed out. Also recording a few seconds is not a test.. Recording without a dropout for minimum 3 minutes is a test that it's possible.

Try putting a delay based plugin like a reverb, even just 1 or 2 along with all those VTM at 64 buffer...

I also could not tell, as it was so blurry, whether you opened the menu to enable low latency monitoring or not, which if you did of course, would have disabled the monitoring through the effects.