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Now I have thought about that idea and the issue is my safety. I have been threatened, had guns pointed at me, too many times I would like to since coming out. I'm not risking it with these people. But the other issue with that is that I can't get a word out of them. For the most part I'm pretty normal, especially compared to some of the people in the metal scene. I miss our last drummer so god damn much. I came out to him and he came out to me as Bi. and then beat the hell out of those drums. Also I wouldn't want to be rolling with some bigots. My bands lyrics has often anti bigoted pov.
Put out an ad looking for guys... be upfront with your deal and that’s all ya can do... even in a big city it can be hard to find great band mates even when everybody is straight and are are looking for chicks...

If y’all have good stuff and are talented you’ll find cats...