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Well besides the obvious one that for a RMU you need two additional MADI interfaces there's 4 differences that I'm aware of, and in fact I also asked Dolby the same question:

- With an RMU, you free the DAW CPU from the computational overhead of the Local Renderer
- You don't have to create aux tracks for each bed and each object and returns for all speakers in PT (which you have to do to get the signal to and from the Local Renderer via the send/return AAX plugins)
- Due to the routing via insert send plugins to the Local Renderer the delay compensation doesn't work
- And finally an advantage of the Local Renderer, the RMU doesn't provide binaural rendering nor the complete VR workflow.
Does ''local'' eat that much resources ? I'm using an HD native on a 12 cores nMP and on big surround mixes with lots of plug-ins, i barely ever hit 50% on my CPU.

From your list, my only main concern is delay compensation, other than than i don't see any valid reason to dish out an extra $10K for a HT (home Theater) RMU.