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In my experience what you have is a normal case of being 80% of the way there to sorting it, the further you go the more violent the problems become, but also the more isolated they become.

Do some wavelength calculations, figure what distances may be affecting things then look at treating surfaces in that zone.

Also..... Use ears and brain, not eyes and screen. Listen carefully and see if you can hear it, often the human cannot hear some High Q dips that analysers love to throw up. Floor reflections are a classic example, almost nobody can hear them, yet they look a mess on an analyser.

Thanks a lot for this advice, and confirmation that my results show progress.

Wondering what kind of absorbant to use for the remaining spaces :

1. remaining side walls. These angled sections taper from 8” to 0” and they face parallel walls. However there will be slats in front which should cure the slapback honk I currently hear. If someone can save me the bother of trying both rigid and fluffy in these areas, I would appreciate. I have lots of 2” rigid, but would have to buy fluffy.

2. rear wall behind diffuser. There is 12” available behind where the diffuser is going, and this large of a gap usually calls for fluffy. It would be easier and cheaper to use rigid but I am willing to buy the fluffy if it would be better. If I do fluffy, would stapling it to the ceiling and letting it hang down in vertical sheets be a good method (this would be a looser method with lots of air in there) or should it be folded over and stacked vertically, with horiz supports every 18” or so, for a denser packing?

3. front wall center. I have 24” depth and 48” across available, and a tapered ceiling. Placing rigid stuff across the front (see previous tests) wasn’t very helpful. Filling it with fluffy seems most logical, but I can’t try this unless I buy it. I may try to make a mini-pseudo-VPR again by hanging a 1mm steel sheet and attach absorbant to it.

But first I need to find where I hear the most buildup of 50/60 Hz.