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If you want to learn to make beats using actual samples from records/recordings, you need to expect to have to put a lot of time/effort into sourcing original material from old albums and learning how to properly sample/slice/manipulate them in order to make beats. It's a somewhat steep initial learning curve, but if you're genuinely dedicated, it's a much more organic and legit process than using any kind of 'preset' samples that come with whatever hardware interface you end up using. If your goal is actual sampling, I would make sure that whatever box you choose is capable of some type of standalone sampling process (and not just a glorified Midi controller for a PC DAW). In that sense, I would actually go with one of the older MPCs (my preference is the MPC4000). It's definitely a more difficult route to go old school, sample-based, but I believe (from personal experience) that you'll be forced to learn to be creative in a way that you wouldn't otherwise, using a box that has tons of built-in prefabricated samples. I've been making hip-hop for over 20 years, so I do have a great deal of experience in the field. However, a lot of these issues come down to personal preference, experience, and individual workflow.