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Old 21st March 2018
Deleted cfe08e6
I have experience in both Maschine and the MPC. I used Maschine for years (2009 - 2017) and it was great. However, I grew tired of a few things:
  • Being tied to a computer
  • Issues with Maschine hardware
  • Maschine software that was not updated as needed
  • I just needed a change

I do Boom Bap so I figured why not go old school and try an MPC? I got the MPC 2500 and love it.

Now, the one I got comes with JJOS (paid). Make sure you get that - it's great. And even thought I miss some features of Maschine, I absolutely love the MPC work flow.

It's obviously sampled-centered but it can easily be used as a controller as well. What I usually do is make sample-based beat and then record each track out to Ableton then mix from there. It's great that way.

As for Maschine, I loved the MK1/MK2 but both units I had eventually crapped out on me. The MK1 had hardware issues and my MK2 was both hardware/software related so I was really turned off. I decided to try the MK3 and even though it looks really nice, I didn't like it too much. I made a video about it. Apparently a lot of people don't like what I had to say about it LOL. I guess they're all MK3 owners or serious NI fanboys.


So for me it's the MPC 2500. I know someone that does soldering so I've had some of the switches upgraded, plus I upgraded my screen and pads myself. It's fun doing that stuff.

You can definitely do a lot with either the MPC or Maschine, but it all boils down to what you want to do, and what kind of beats you want to make. For me, I just happened to go back a bit and dive into the MPC world. That might not be for you, but maybe it might. Maschine is really good too, but the issue is that you're tied to a computer.