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Old 20th March 2018
Here for the gear

I used Maschine for a few years and switched to the MPC Live and I‘m glad I did.
Maschine and the whole Native Instruments ecosystem is great. Everything works well together and you get a ton of sounds.

But a few important things lead me to switch sides to Akai:

If you‘re looking for an almost computer free workflow, than Maschine is frustratingly close, but not close enough. I found myself using the sequencer exclusively on the computer, so I tried the Maschine Jam to balance that. Didn‘t work out, because, as I learned, step-programming is a creativity blocker for me.

The sequencer on the Live on the other hand is great. No computer needed. The touchscreen GUI is even better then the desktop version.

The MPC has also the better workflow for sampling. Way more intuitive than trying the same things on the Maschine hardware.

What suprised me, is that the MPC workflow has been really influential in how HipHop is typically sequenced and arranged.
I had a Akai rack sampler in the 90s and never experienced the MPC workflow before, so finding key functions for my kind of production so readily available is great.

The whole standalone feeling of the MPC could lead you to try to implement more hardware. It‘s really easy to record and layer audio tracks and samples. Next thing you know, you will get yourself some desktop synths, like Rolands SH-01A or something.

And the best thing: With Maschine I ended up with a lot of patterns and struggling finishing a song. With the MPC that‘s completely different. You still got your patterns / sequences, but the arranger in song mode makes it easy to take the next step and build a song.

I don‘t miss any other features coming from Maschine. But the tight integrated workflow of Maschine with the Komplete Keyboards is on another level, compared to the MPC-Advanced integration. That‘s where Akai has to step up.

The current version of the MPC software runs stable and I experienced no problems whatsoever.

So, that‘s my personal and very subjective experience with both systems.