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Old 19th March 2018
Here for the gear

I am really sorry to hear you've had to go through all of this. I am a cis gendered male but I can somewhat relate in that I live in the Nashville area and I am an atheist and very liberal politically.

I graduated from Full Sail University (which I quite honestly regret and am currently going back to school for my 2nd bachelors and masters in my true passion which is composing for the orchestra). At Full Sail we were constantly encouraged to keep our political and religious opinions to ourselves for the sake of getting work in the industry. This would potentially work for me as I am a straight, white male but doesn't necessarily provide a viable option for other minorities who don't have passing privilege. I also think it's utter and total bullsh*t. I think it's a way to lord someone's job over their heads so that people don't have to confront things that are uncomfortable to them. We live in a culture that heavily favors commerce over individual fulfillment and enrichment and that needs to change.

What I can suggest about finding "your people" is by continuing what you seem to have already begun here on gearslutz. Write about and share your struggles as a trans-person in the industry. I think you'll find that people will not only reach out but that you'll raise awareness. I know that you have already raised my awareness. I know that trans people struggle every day, but my own bubble of "cool people" caused me to have the reaction of "wow, I never realized that...I thought musicians were generally cooler more open minded people." Even though I knew in the back of my mind that there are closed minded people everywhere, I and everyone else could do with a reminder so... thank you!