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Hi I'm looking into getting a used MOTU ultralite but have a few questions before I pull the trigger.

I'm running Logic X from a macbook air (mid 2013) with osx sierra.

1) Which units are compatible with my system? Would you recommend using a firewire to thunderbolt adapter?

2) I hear that sometimes the display stops working. Is the machine operational when this happens?

3) How repairable are these units?

4) Is it recommended to get a newer unit or would an older one suffice?

Thank you for your time!
1. A. Probably all fairly modern ones. B. I wouldn't recommend purchasing FireWire anything in 2018.
2. Probably, within the software editor on the computer.
3. No one really "repairs" interfaces that I have seen. There are a few companies that "upgrade" or modify them but most likely the cost of all but the most basic of repairs would exceed the value of the interface.
4. Newer. Even second hand current model if you have to.