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Roxul is soundproofing material, this will do nothing for the "tone" or sound quality of the recording space.
You've got that completely backwards. Any type of insulation can be used to treat a room, but the consistent mantra with studio construction is "insulation is not isolation". In the big picture a couple inches of insulation is not enough to achieve an absorption coefficient of 1 below 500hz, so you are right that this amount of insulation won't be enough to treat a trailer...It takes feet of insulation to start to get that much.

OP: Is there a shortage of studios in your area? I would think that clients would probably pick the trailer studio last...Also if your area is like most US cities, there are probably plenty of studios that aren't that busy and you could rent time there while you prepare to go out on your own.

Outside of the physical restrictions, you won't get much sound isolation- do you have a place to park it? Additionally most places will have zoning ordinances here, it's certainly risky to put much money into this if any neighbor or competitor could make a quick call to the city and have you shut down. I would check those first...