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Old 15th March 2018
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Winver = 1709
Scaling at 100%
Monitor is 2560X1440. I'm certain that this was also present on my previous monitor which wasn't as large.

So do you think this might be issue with the programs or windows? I've mentioned that the issue has been demonstrated with more than one application.

thanks for all your help
Thanks. Not sure yet where the problem is.

Single display, I assume.

Do you know what video card you have? (Intel, AMD, NVidia? + model)

Also, I've been assuming that you whited-out the folder names shown in that dialog. Is that a correct assumption, or does the dialog really show a whole bunch of folder icons with no names?

Have you ever manually resized the dialogs to make them smaller? If so, do they open at the same original (large and partially off-screen) size?

Also, for grins, is tablet mode on? You can see that as a setting in the notifications area. On a desktop, it should be grayed out and not on.