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Well, the story of my SA4000 is quite horrific if I may put it frankly.

After I paid full amount for the compressor in September 2017, it has been delivered to a client in a different country. Instead of being shipped to me in Poland it was delivered to someone in the USA. They've sent me a different unit and this was only the beginning of my problems.

I plugged in the unit and I discovered that Auto Release is super fast - similar to 100ms release, tested from 20dB gain reduction. After one of my first emails I was promised to receive service instruction of an easy fix to this problem. But this never arrived. After weeks of weird and less than pleasant communication I was instructed to send it to a technician in France. Before I did that I discovered another problem with the attack times. Although it sounded interesting, the unit appeared to have around 100ms attack time even at the fastest 0.1ms setting. I also informed Stam about the issue. When the unit returned from France described as "fixed", the problem with the attack was still there and the Auto Release time changed to something around 30 seconds, when original SSL is supposed to have that under 10 seconds. I received a reply that this is a special Stam Audio modification to make the compressors better than the original SSL. So after 2 months I was informed that SA4000 is not a faithful recreation of original SSL bus compressor. I sent it back to France with the promise I would receive a replacement unit with the attack time working correctly. A few hours after I received an email confirmation that the package was delivered in France, I received an email that my unit has been repaired and it's on its way back to me, instead of being replaced. When it got back I wash shocked to discover that the attack time was still broken. So I started asking about returning the unit. I was instructed to send it back to France for the third time and I was supposed to have all my money refunded. To this point I paid for the compressor, I paid import fees (23% VAT in Poland), I paid 3 times for courier shipping to France.

I have not received any refund yet. I requested it on 15th of February. I sent the SA4000 to France as instructed on 21st of February. It was delivered on 27th. I sent an email to Stam Audio on 7th of March asking for the refund again. It has been a complete silence from them for the past 20 days or so.

And if I may add - it's been a time consuming experience to communicate. I had difficulties to prove that the unit was not working properly. I made tests, I measured attack and release times with test signals, I made screenshots, videos and audio examples. I lost not hours but days on trying to get the situation resolved. Email and messenger communication was so slow and difficult that I've asked for a phone number to call, which was rejected by Stam Audio due to lack of time. The standard email reply I would receive on many occasions was similar to: "That's really strange, because we have 1200 satisfied clients and Eddy Kramer loves this compressor. Are you sure you are not mistaken?"

I did buy SA4000 because of the promise of being the most faithful recreation of an SSL compressor. In my search for a compressor that would suit my needs I had owned SSL X-Logic, Smart C1, Smart C2, Focusrite Red3, Dramastic Obsidian and I used many others in different studios in Europe and UK, including original E and G consoles.
Wow, you story sounds sorta demonic compared to mine, they should make a deal with PMI or someone, seriously, or selling stock gear only.