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So on the Roland, if you want 11711111 you would just have to manually program another 1 after the 7 ?
This is correct - much like Step Sequencing CC's on older Yamaha units like the RS7000 - each step is its own value that offsets from the zero default. Different sequencers handle parameter modulation like this in their own way.
You can also do realtime modulation record on the TR-8S and then experiment with toggling on/off the motion sequencing to critic static versus dramatic variants of the patterns you're currently using.

The Effects Structure from reading the manual is -

MFX - master global effect
Reverb - send/return per instrument (Single set of reverb settings)
Delay - send return per instrument (Single set of delay settings)
Instrument FX that act like an Insert Per Instrument
Scatter - technically is/was an audio effect on the TR-8 and actually manipulates the audio stream and not the midi data itself. Fills are actually pattern parts and aren't related.
On top of this you have any realtime performance tweaks you create yourself whilst jamming - anything from fades, to track mutes, tweaking attack/decay or pitch settings etc.
You also have six assignable outs for individual processing of drum parts via eternal dynamic fx, insert fx and send / return fx on a mixer or multi-input sound card and/or via USB midi and plug ins in your DAW.