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I recorded a jazz/ dance drummer recently with my 441 on the snare (top), and a 57 underneath.

I like my 441 on undersnares for rock, but sometimes they can be hard to place if the drummer uses a compact kit, coz they're big ol mics.

Used for close micing some brass, and I once used it on a guitar combo.

Truth is theres no right or wrong, but I just dont use the 441 as a "go to mic" on any sources (yet). Sure, if i have time to experiment, Ill try the 441, and sometimes it rocks.

However, my "go to" tom mics are 421s. When recording heavy/distorted guitars, ill always throw up a 57, 421 and I5, and see which one, or combinations I like.

The 421 can work wonders on kicks, vocals, etc,etc.

Hope that clarifies my point of view, Im sure many others will disagree, but hey, that life