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How Does A Trans-Woman make it in this scene

I have been out for quite sometime. I used to have a small circle of music friends but that quickly fell through when they let me know how they feel about trans people. I live in a small hick town outside of a large city. I play in a metal band with another trans-girl as my vocalist and it's been deemed really hard to make any connections in my local scene. Lately We've been looking for a replacement drummer and we've ran into situations like Interviewing a drummer that turned out to be a skin head. And when I mean skin head I mean posting "Skin head an proud" on Facebook, but at least had the nerve to show interest in my band. What I have a hard time with is connections. When you think you have someone that's cool it turns out to be something like that. We're just trying to make music and all we need a drummer. I had a friend who does audio engineering out in KC tell me something that kind of helped that I need to find "my people" and he didn't mean that by other trans people he meant by a group of people that are cool and want to make music with me. So really my question is, how do I find my people?