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I ordered a SA-87 on Ebay from Stam Audio on Feb 1. The ad said the mics were "in stock". On Feb 3 he sent me an email stating that he is away and could I wait 2-3 weeks as they are hand built? The ad said they were in stock, and eBay said I would receive it within 2 weeks. OK, I can be's a small company. After a month of hearing nothing, I sent another email...nothing...two weeks after than, another email...nothing. So I canceled today. I can only imagine the customer service if something is wrong with the mic.

The owner, Joshua, will probably try to trash me somehow...but all I did was order and pay for the SA-87 on Ebay....and expected that I might have some kind of correspondence a full 5 weeks after my purchase of an "in stock" item?? The guy has no sense of customer service.

Sorry to hear, I've been considering buying from them but keep reading about these poor customer service stories from multiple sources.

Thanks for passing on the info.