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Other than "fox" nobody cares. I mean, why would they, it's not some jackass talking about roasted necks (bitter, you bet whitecat)

He's doing well. PITA, to be sure, and we don't "really" know what we are doing. But it's ok so far.
Glad things are going better! It's a rough ride for all involved, I know. Occasionally, you have to find a way to separate yourself from some of the stress...a little escapism. It might be just going to another room when you can to watch a video or call a friend. Even an hour or so helps.

Hang in there, Pal! I can identify with your situation; you'll never regret spending time with your folks and helping a lot. We don't get "do-overs" on some things. Ask your Dad about the old days or something like that...most older folks love to reminisce. All the best wishes for y'all.