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I'm late to the party.......

Regarding a dead room and drum sound....

If it's all you have to work with, take a look at the Ocean Way Studios plugin. It's actually a pretty cool way to make your tracks sound like they were done in a bigger room.

Obviously the real thing is better. But you might be surprised at what you can do.

Here's an example - the drum part is around the 3 minute mark. BTW Jim Lill is an awesome dude.

Re the trailer idea,

I'd suggest finding a trailer with a couple of pop-outs. As an example, I have a 26 footer for the family. With the pop-outs if I gutted the interior I could do a 5 pc band tracking session in it. It would obviously be tight, but doable. You can go much bigger than this if you want, but the weight will increase to the point where you would need a decent full size truck to pull it. See this example floorplan below, and imagine that gutted.

Stability may be a bit of a challenge - even with the stabilizer legs down, trailers do tend to sway a lot - you may need to look at add-on solutions to improve this.

In terms of soundproofing, that will take some work to do right, as most trailers have very little, and if it rains, you will hear it on the roof big time. To do really good isolation will be costly and you'll lose a lot of space, dealing with all 4 sides, plus addressing things like the air vents etc. Probably better to do a more moderate job and then be content to find locations that are relatively quiet, and hope that it doesn't rain.

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