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Old 3rd March 2018
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So, for his age and how stressful the procedure is, he's doing good. He's been up walking around a bit, has his color back and is very alert.

Unfortunately, he's had terrible problems with "down under" if you catch my drift. Tomorrow is day 5 and we're stressed but handling it. The Hospital has been mostly great, they only thing that went wrong is after a very stressful commute (it's about 30 miles one way and "business 80" is a nightmare in many ways) there were two times where the "valet" was full. That is hard after all that bobbing and weaving. And hey, I tip!

Oh well, what started as a "tooth" issue that led to this that led to that it's going fairly well. Man, gonna be spendin' time at the folks place when he gets out (if they don't assign a nurse) it's a ton of stuff.