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Old 1st March 2018
Here for the gear

Krk volume fade out after few seconds

Hello I'm max and i'm cleaning the board and removing the glue and replacing capacitors since two weeks and the problem still remains the same. actually i'm pretty surprised that they're still working (nothings changed) after my treatment.

but i can not say that they're really working, the problem since i got them used from a friend is: When I turn the power on, everything is alright in sound and volume for about 2-3 seconds. then the volume is fading out quickly to a point where I can turn up the volume knob to max and the speakers are playing as loud as my cellphones ringtone.

one phenomen is that when i turn them off and on again, the speakers volume remains on the normal level longer if I keep them turned off for longer time, but its only a few second difference.

At this point Im quiet desperate and dont have any idea. maybe some of you got one.