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What's the purpose of a summing mixer: Sorry I'm noob. Just been seeing them in high end studios and don't know why. Could someone explain it to me on why I should have one?
It's an analogue summing of the discrete outputs of your DAW channels to a stereo mixdown. You will need a digital to analogue converter channel for each input of the summing mixer.

It's also an opportunity to do further analogue processing to the individual channels either before the mixer input, on an insert within the summing mixer and after the summing mixer on the 2 buss.

You may find that summing enhances each track in a manner that is pleasing that might not happen when you mix in the box. Only you can decide.

There's a 3 part video on the internet about "stem mastering" that shows the differences very well despite -14LUFS limiting and lossy compression.

Some people will not hear the differences, they might reconsider working in audio, rather than telling people there are no differences.