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Designing an audio circuit for one channel of volume and pan that doesn't degrade the audio is no easy or cheap task. High quality components cost money and designing and assembling the circuit take lots of time. Now multiply that by 8 channels and then also design a summing buss that mixes those channels down to 2, again without degradation.
I'm not suggesting that it's easy or cheap, but most of these summing units cost between $3k-$5k, on par with units that process dynamics and EQ using tubes and whatnot. I mean, you can buy a solid analog mixer right now for under $1k. My Mackie 1604VLZ4 is essentially a summing mixer with a bunch of bells and whistle. This thing is top quality, and sounds great. Strip away all the features, and you have a kick-ass summing mixer. My guess is it's very doable to design and produce a sub $1k summing mixer and still turn a profit.

Summing mixers are essentially targeted towards the high-end studio, so the price gets jacked with because of it. My guess is the prosumer market for summing mixers is very low, so companies don't see any reason to make them at an affordable price. It's a shame really.