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I don't believe that the story needs re-told. And some on the GS boards "get it" and some clearly do not. UnderTow has it 100% right, and obviously followed the thread when all of the information was present before I deleted some of my posts. I deleted them, not because I felt guilty, wrong, or otherwise, but to be as professional and fair as I could to all readers and Sterling in hopes that they (Sterling) continue to live up to what they promised in their response on this thread. There is more to it than a 2 week absence, but I will not get into it further.

Long story short, the business initially (for a significant time) did not perform as even the most patient and open-minded of persons/customers/clients/etc. would expect. My dealer wanted to cancel the order at one point and start a dispute with Sterling over the money they were paid and I insisted that they not, and allowed even more time and put forth more effort to get the situation straight, which it eventually did. Thankfully for all.

As far as the name calling on this thread about me and Sterling google search fears, I am pretty sure even the most uninformed (or informed) of googlers will be able to clearly see what occurred and make their own fact-based decision on whether or not they wish to do business with this company. I made my decision, and stood by it. I have the desk (over $4,000 worth... and it appears fine as I expected). Also, I have made the informed decision to advise others that if they want a Sterling Modular product, that they do not need to hesitate to purchase one. And, on a final note, I acknowledged Rick (after he was advised by another that there was a GS thread about his company) for coming on here and addressing some of the shortcomings that occurred. I spoke to a number of people that were having significant trouble with communication as well, so it was not just me and my authorized dealer. If this single thread can hurt an established business with well-over 25 years in the industry, then the power of the internet has owned us. Once again, I never intended to harm Sterling's business, and stick to that statement 100%. Communication, in a timely and professional manner for any business (or common person for that matter) is the key to success. Always has been, always will be.

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