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Hi Tony!
Let me tell you that AC/DC's Back in Black is one of the best rock albums for me! the sound is so clear and potent...sounds great!


What I really want to know how this album have such a amazinf prescence and a great center!...if you listen "You shook me all night long" what strikes me is the center...the kick and snare are just in perfect center and the vocal right in the middle ///is scary ...sounds like brian is singing just here in my face!! maybe sounds crazy...but how you make this amazing center...I did not hear that often....

This has a lot to do with using the sound of the room and mixing very gently and quietly - that way you can get the definition right. making sure everything is in phase helps too and ensuring that the signal path is as clean as you can get it.

Thanks for that amazing classic album!!!
I enjoyed it too!