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The only one of the above that doesn't hold anything for me is #2 .

For #3 a less cluttered gui would be great. Would love to be able to lose some of the tabs in the consolidated window. I work mainly in the sequence editor and mixer. For MIDI editing I prefer working in a separate floating window.

#6 is something that absolutely annoys me about DP. Every other daw allows as an option the ability to work either old school or has true instrument tracks. V-racks - never use 'em. And agreed - track automation in DP bites the big one.

#7 - sure DP's bussing is okay but would like to be able to do it the PT way where you don't have to declare a bus to route tracks to each other which is what I think you may be talking about. In PT you click on a track output field and you can route right to another track without having to create a bus first - it creates the bus for you; you also have the ability to go to a bus that was previously defined. Having to create a bus first like in DP reminds me of computer programming in the early 70's where you had to declare your variables first in BASIC. Dynamic variables didn't happen until later.
#2 is near the top for me, I play out sometimes, and getting stems into Live easily is a huge deal. #3 I'm not sure would ever meet your needs, as less tbs would still take up that pixel space, a drop down menu would be ideal in my mind, but I get why people might balk at it.

#6 , Reaper takes this a step further, folders can be made where a track with data on it can be the top folder, this is freaking great with hardware, my moog requires two MIDI tracks, one for cc directly from its knobs, but since it doesn't have aftertouch on it's keyboard playing notes in is best done with a midi controller keyboard like the Remote SLMKII. So I can use the midi track for the visible track and hide the aux style audio track and cc track in the arrangement effectively making hardware act like a virtual instrument in Logic, Pro Tools etc.!

#7 Exactly! simply dropping tracks into an empty track makes that track the master bus and routes those tracks to it. It's that simple. Sends are almost as easy, you drag from the I/O section to the say reverb track and it creates a send.

I'm not giving up on DP, I can still see its superiority for things like orchestral work and film scoring, large templates. I love how easy DP is to figure out etc. I think for basic electronic and rock which is mostly what I do though, Reaper is killing DP.