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When they "upgraded" the site they broke everything and pissed everyone off to point of leaving. All of the design, editing, tweaks, links, media, stats etc... POOF! gone overnight. They broke their own site beyond repair and as of 5 minutes ago it still doesn't fully load or function properly.

I know so many people that kick started their careers via that site. Unrestricted easy custom user design, graphics, bio, music, media, links, sales, promotions, record deals, shows, collaborations, public and private messaging.. if you had the skills and quality content, you could so fast track your career. Sadly, nothing even comes close today. That site was great for all things music!

Today it has 50 million unique visitors a month?! Now that is some seriously fabricated BS.
Yeah... sounds a bit high. But don't forget FB is said to have 2 billion accounts used monthly. • Number of Facebook users worldwide 2008-2017 | Statistic

But... yeah... that Wikipedia number turns out to be way behind the times.

In July 2015, they had just under 18M active visitors. But that was down from 25M visitors just 3 months before.

• Myspace: unique U.S. visitors 2015 | Statistic

And, probably not surprisingly, Myspace isn't even a blip on this chart of what sosh media teen users use.

• U.S. teens: most popular social media apps 2017 | Statista