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I was working in 48k, I understand Acceleration may work differently at different sample rates?
From my experience so far using it at 96kHz (mostly on individual tracks), it sounds like it's a lot more extreme at lower rates. I still wouldn't use it at higher settings on a full mix, but it never sounds BAD, I'd say the top setting at 96kHz is comparable to the lowest setting in Average, but with a different character, and still useful.

I'd actually compare the sound of it at extreme settings to play wear in vinyl. The actual GrooveWear plugin/setting in ToVinyl evokes groove damage from tracking distortion to my ear, but the more subtle loss of high end that a record gets from being overplayed without suitable cooldown periods between plays (for the softened surfaces of the grooves to resolidify) is more like the upper range of Acceleration IMO, and I can tell that at lower sample rates it would get well beyond anything that would be pleasing in most circumstances.