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OH MAN before Cnet bought them was great.

That's when I first became aware of Gretchen Lieberum:

And Tom Fox

I went to the top of the "jump blues" charts with my terrible boombox-to-boombox overdub recordings. God I miss that place. I made 2 albums during that era and they were the only place that would burn you a CD and print the cover art and sell it on your behalf. They were the first on demand duplicator that I can remember.

For those who weren't there, let me say it could be vexing, for sure, but it was a load of fun -- and might have really become a true music-centric social media hub [even with its primitive in-house BB system] if their misguided [or at least deeply flawed] initiative to get into the 'music locker' business hadn't gotten slammed with a ~$300M summary judgement* by a group of labels (including Universal, who ended up buying what was left of the company's holdings and shut down the indie music uploading that had made the place what it was so they could 'pivot' to hyping their own conventionally released physical product. A move possibly even dumber, in retrospect, than Michael Robertson's ill-fated music locker that sunk the original enterprise.)

* A summary judgment is essentially where a case is so 'open and shut' and determined by extant law and/or judicial ruling that there is no point in hearing any arguments; indeed, that's exactly what the judge did in the music locker lawsuit, shutting out any argument and delivering the judgment to the labels.

Still, a lot of us had a lot of fun there, many of us getting our first real taste of what it would be like to reach audiences beyond our local audiences, friends, and followers. I liked it. (Early on Robertson himself contacted me and suggested I move one of my songs from whatever genre I'd initially berthed it in into the big Alternative General genre and he'd give it a Song of the Day front page placement; it ended up as #3 and #4 for a week (reaching #26 on the overall site chart).

Later, as the once-cool-but-then-corrupted Payment-for-Play (PFP) program deteriorated into endless rounds of 'play trades' (so-called 'gamers' would offer '10 plays' for one, then 20... 'buying' fake plays with fake plays), I spent a Saturday night at home writing and recording a total throwaway song about the PFP meltdown...

Ah... the good old days.

PS... I wonder what some of our old faves like FT and Marissa M are doing these days?