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Old 23rd February 2018
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I can see why producers would like PianoInBlue, but for players it is nearly unusable. Noticeable lag, uneven velocity response, phasiness when combining different mic positions.

I love VILabs products: both TrueKeys and Ravenscroft are excellent. They sound great, are a delight to play (provided you have a decent controller), and the UVI engine is super-efficient.

I am underwhelmed by Keyscape's acoustic pianos, had high hopes and was disappointed. But the electrics and digitals are terrific, really a cut above the competition.

Galaxy Vintage D was a good buy ten years ago, but it can't really hang with the newer stuff. NI's Grandeur is very good, though. If I didn't have the VILabs stuff, that's the one I'd pick.