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Old 22nd February 2018
I'd kind of forgotten what was up with my ReverbNation pages. (At the very beginning, I liked it because, IIRC, you could put up higher rez files, though that may have only been 192kbps but it sure beats 128.)

So I just visited one of them with the intent of logging in and checking whatever stats there were there. But then I saw this past post from myself on my page there:

LOL - We are now # 9 on the ReverbNation Folk charts for Long Beach, CA. TK Major | ReverbNation ... on the basis of ZERO new plays
Kind of a 'nuff said, I think.

(Still, that's not to suggest that other people aren't connecting with real fans there and not just 'swapping' plays to boost counts and such. But I stopped being active at RN because I got tired of the endless barrage of kind of slimey artist spam. 'You have great tunes. Check out my band at...' You know the drill. I've been putting my music up on music/social media sites since the old, 20 years ago. Been around that block a thousand times.)