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How does this compare to FabFilter's Saturn? That has bands and several saturation/distortion techniques like Tape,Tube etc as well. And one can even select the type of saturation per band which is hitherto only promised by the dev ( Nice quick response there from Mallorca). Saturn uses bands in stead of the variable Q bell-shapes here but you can set the width of each band as well.. Anyone tried both on some material? I will have time to do so maybe in the weekend.
They're complimentary. Saturn is more versatile as a distortion tool and can be used for complete destruction in multiple ways. When I think Saturn, I think distortion.

Spectre is (in most cases) more subtle in its approach (although it can be used to mess signals up). I tend to think of it as a tone/colour EQ.

Give it a pop, the only way, you may find different uses :¬)

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Resizable ?
Nope. Retina friendly though.