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The dll limit is definitively a problem. I´m not a PC specialist, but this is a big bummer! I´m currently mixing a project with about 14Drums - 6 Vocal - Bass - 5 GTR and a couple of VIs. I´m using plugins from UAD, Soundtoys, Fabfilter, XLN Audio, Eventide, Spectrasonics, Flux, Izotope, etc. I7 8700K works like a charm and my Cubase 9.5 Audio-Performance meter says only 30-35% . I could still use some nice FX´s on GTRs, but I can´t load anymore new plugins! I have to use DirectOfflineProcessing, even though my system is not in trouble at all!

Some Plugins still work though: Flux, Native Instruments, Steinberg.

Bad Plugins are UAD, Eventide, Soundtoys, Izotope. I asked these brands to work out their programs. And they all say this is a windows problem. The problem is: they sound fantastic!

I want to use these Pluggies, because I want to deliver my best work!
Run VEPro on the same machine and use it as a rack. There are other plugin 'racks' out there that can span the gap, possibly.

Funny how people screamed for unlimited inserts and now that they're here, they can't be used.

The few people I know using huge orchestral/scoring templates all run slaves with VEPro. A one box solution for complex templates is a ways away, IMHO.