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Dedric, do you use Ensemble Pro? If yes, same issue?
As that is what most composers use for their instruments for large mockups, which may be a reason why our customers do not suffer this issue (none of our clients have this issue, and we have tons of 24 cores/48threads systems out there which are nuked with VST/VSTi's).
However, a lot of our customers don't use VEP and still didn't get this issue despite using tons of plugs. If there is any question or issue, they typically call me.
Yes I do, in a very large template with networked PCs. However, VEPro is not subject to this since it is simply a server connection. That also circumvents the problem by offloading 90% of our VIs to other PCs and the local VEP server (which likely allocates the max FLS slots for each instance within the server project - i.e. it can host a ton of VIs).

It is highly unlikely most VEP-based composers would run into this simply because enough of our VI load is elsewhere. We typically don't load up the host session with enough VIs and plugins to push the FLS limit (my template is complex enough that I don't have the ASIO/cpu overhead to add that many VIs/FLS-hungry plugins). VEP/orchestral projects aren't a concern for me with the FLS limit, and probably won't be for most composers - for now. But the time is coming - that is what I was referring to earlier.

However, a standalone session, without the overhead of VEP/bussing, but with many locally hosted VIs is more likely. I'm working on a non-VEPro/non-orchestral project at the moment - that's how I came across this problem, though it has been a topic with other end users for a while now. I have run well over 20 instances of Omnisphere (dynamic/dll - 1 FLS for all instances) along with a few other VIs before I knew about the FLS limit; but translate that to even 10 or 15 other unique VIs, and then add 20-30 plugins on top, and the FLS limit can be easy to reach, which is exactly what happened when I hit the wall (I knew about this limit already at that point from other users, but hadn't been testing for it yet).

As I mentioned to Vin, I am putting this issue out there not because it is a widespread problem now, but because it is very likely to become one soon enough. It does affect a few of us already, and for now we have workarounds, but eventually that may not be the case. Most every limit is eventually exceeded as technology progresses.