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Originally Posted by Squeegee 303 View Post
I already own Waves Vitamin. It will be interesting to compare the two.
Please, do it

Originally Posted by b15fliptop View Post
Trying the demo now. Great stuff! I’ve wanted something like this for a long time.
Great to hear!

Originally Posted by b0se View Post
Absolutely love this plugin. Killer on the mixbus!
I agree, it's great for warming up the final mix exactly where it's needed. Even using it as a stereo enhancer by boosting the high frequencies only on the sides.

Originally Posted by Macaroni View Post
What exactly are the demo limitations? I hear a pink noise every now and then but it's not consistent.
Noise bursts every 45 seconds, parameters not recalled when saving a project and presets saving disabled.

Originally Posted by kaner View Post
Type of saturation is global and not per band...just lost my interest in this plugin.
This has been the #1 request since the plugin came out two days ago and I'll definitely implement this.