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I upgraded a fresh 1709 install with the latest preview edition just to see what I was in for. The upgrade lost some settings in translation. It took a while and rebooted a couple more times than usual and as I was going through all settings to see what got wiped I got a popup that said I needed Feature Updates. I figured it was just Depender definition updates since it checked for updates during install and took a while doing it, but nope. Another complete upgrade routine with reboots and all is what it was. The first time Windows' Sounds alerted me to possible changes. I had switched them back off and lo and behold, after the second upgrade they're back.

I stopped there. It'll be easier to just do a clean install than sift through everything with the chance of doing it twice on offer. This is a heads up not to go through and fix anything after the first, there might be a second coming shortly after. I know this is the preview and it may change that both are contained in one, but I remembered the outcry at one update that was larger than past so I'm doubtful. Both seemed large.

I'm going to do a fresh install from the ISO and track where it goes from here. I was going to upgrade the Insider install I have from Creators, but won't waste the time now.

A whole afternoon gone with this and I haven't been able to delve into anything, the install kicked my a55 and used up my daily quota of patience. Just that makes me think there'll be some unhappy campers come release. I hope I'm wrong.

On the bright side my little studio is the Spic-est and Span-est it's been in ages. I went through everything, floor to ceiling while waiting. Changed strings on a bass and two guitars to boot.