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Come on Vin - help us out here instead of fighting against us! I am trying to help fellow Windows users. My Mac comment wasn't a threat - it is simple resignation that if this isn't fixed, I may have no choice, but I'm not there right now, nor do I have $6-$10k to buy/customize a Mac that would duplicate my current $2k i7 PC. :-)
I am not trying to fight you Dedric, I am doing my best to connect the dots why some are effected and others are not.

Re Mac comments, you should know that was a red rag to a bull, my response was to the blanket statements you were making about the apparent hopelessness of professionals using Windows, which was overblown IMO.

You know very well if this was effecting a number of my clients I'd be burning the house down at MS. Pete can attest to that with some other issues I have brought to his attention.

Re me not wanting the limit raised ( you deleted that comment but it hit my inbox so I'll reply anyway ) , that is not it at all, I will support anything that will help resolve the issue, but without knowing exactly what raising or removing the ceiling entails at the core level , I can't make a judgement call.

FWIW - If you think I am here defending MS you have little to no idea of my current standing in that regard, or you would not even entertain that thought. I am far from being in the front line happy clapping MS's recent product decisions , so if this is an area that can be addressed without causing other issues at the core level, I am all for it.

I know Pete is on it, I am willing to give him the space to navigate it.