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A workaround is to use plugins that are within their own shells or racks, like Soundtoys and the Slate VMR. Not ideal and i'm not sure whether Microsoft are looking to address this or whether they bat it back to the responsibility of the plugin developer. Either way its very frustrating.
Slate VMR uses 2 slots for the first instance of VMR (no additional for plugins within VMR) but it doesn't release those 2 slots when removed (until you restart Cubase/Nuendo).

The same is true of several Waves plugins - they will leave 1 or 2 FLS slots allocated even if removed, so if you try a bunch of different Waves plugins, and remove them, you could have 4 or more fewer FLS slots (not all hold slots when removed).

Waves plugins do use additional FLS slots for each new unique plugin. Waveshell seems to be part of the allocation, but each plugin also allocates memory for at least one dll.

The only "shell" plugin system that eliminates additional FLS slots is VMR. I don't have any Soundtoys plugins to test their system.

Fwiw, Cubase/Nuendo's stock plugins use 0 FLS slots since they are built as a plugin set within Cubase/Nuendo (i.e. they probably either use a single dll for the plugin set or are just part of Cubase/Nuendo).