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Hi Nate, good to here from you,
I have MCT from back in 2016, so should I re DLL it to get 1709. I went back to W7 but I'll be
using your guide this time so no internet until the trigger/reboot.

Oh, and a couple questions:

1. how do you do the overwrite mode in Command?

2. I wanted to know if this is what you mean by system administrator:

open command with run as administrator and type:
C:\>net user administrator /active:yes
log off/reboot and get an administrator account

thanks for your help,
1. It's been a long time since I had to do it (Syncrosoft days) but IIRC you just add /o to the end of the string to execute an installer.

2. I haven't found a need to use the master admin account in W10, just the option via right-click on an installer or the like. IIRC, I got corrected for thinking the master admin account is different from user admin accounts, anyways.