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Hello, I'm MrEzDoezit from Kansas City, I went to the top of the charts by simply uploading my songs. I have paid absolutely no money and I don't Spam. I send no emails. You generalized everyone but everyone is different and has a different story. I'm not even in this for money. I'm in it for the love of it. I make all my own beats write all my own songs. Basically one man show. 5 yrs and I own Groundup816productions. Moving up on my sounds alone. No money to promote and I don't even like spam. Just saying. That's my story.
So I've been in the top 10 for austin jazz bands and got exactly one gig from having done so. Which, hey, I always enjoy a gig, and their wine was excellent, but it's just an ego trip.

Part of what likely put you up there was promoting the link on social media, not Reverbnation. When I was making top 10 positions, it was because I was driving my facebook traffic to that page. Now I point everyone to my bandcamp where people may actually buy a CD...