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The people in charge (or not) of recording the wedding were really foolish. Someone should have hired a professional videographer. The money saved at the wedding is now being spent in the studio. If the video sound can't be fixed with RX6, I'd just say "screw it".
I agree 100%. The problem is a lot of people watch CSI type shows and think that what they do on those shows is real. One person asked me a while ago to take a cell phone conversation and break it into "three or four different tracks just like they did on CSI" I told the person that it was a TV show and not real.

I also told the potential client that if she wanted she should contact CBS and get them to do the processing for her. I guess she took me up on my advice and later called me and said that they had told her that it was a "work of fiction" and that they had no such facilities to do what she wanted done.

Noise reduction is getting pretty sophisticated now days but not anywhere near what the actors seem to be able to do on CSI type shows.