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Just to be totally transparent here, when you read my opinions about this stuff it's important to keep in mind that I rarely get to mix in properly treated rooms and I have far more experience with 60s-80s mid to high end hi-fi speakers (I heard a TON of them at the job I had for most of the 2000s) than with monitors, so while I trust my ears and instincts I'm far from an authority.

EDIT: another thing to be aware of that I didn't even consider until I got mine is that if you buy second hand try to get them from a country that has the same mains voltage as yours. I just assumed that there would be a switch or internal jumper to set the voltage but they actually use a different power supply for every voltage they offer so if you do what I did and have them shipped from a 240v region to a 120v region (or vice versa) you should budget about $80 for a suitable step-up or step-down transformer and some cables. I ended up running mine off of a decent quality, isolated 240v power strip, too, which was another $50 but is unnecessary according to their literature and tech support. Even with all of that plus exchange rate, customs fees and shipping it was a pretty good deal compared to buying them from a US importer and if you can get them used from a trustworthy seller I recommend it (I got mine from a regular here, although we did it on a different board).