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Optimizing 16 m² room

One my projects for this year is to make listening to music in my living room more enjoyable. The room is a 16 m² room (4,08 m by 3,9 m). My speakers are Yamaha MSP 5.

Here's the room layout: Roomle 3D floorplanner for your design ideas

If you don't feel like clicking that, here's an image:

Wohnzimmer Roomle by Johann, on Flickr

Note that my flora is different IRL as Roomle didn't have dracaenas.

I measured this with a DPA 4090 and Room EQ Wizard. Here is the mdat file.

Frequency response, left and right speakers:

Frequency response by Johann, on Flickr

Could be much worse, I think. I wouldn't have expected the little 5" speakers to go down to about 45 Hz.

I think the bass response is asymmetrical because the speaker placement is pretty different (left is in front of the windows, right in front of the wall).

The spectrograms aren't as pretty though. Left:

Spectrogram left speaker by Johann, on Flickr


Spectrogram right speaker by Johann, on Flickr

I've you've made it this far, I have a few questions.
  • From 250 Hz upwards, delay time seems to be pretty even. I suppose this means broadband absorption could be used without too much thought to bring the delay time down?
  • How symmetrical does treatment have to be considering the placement of the desk and speakers isn't?
  • I can't install bass traps on the left side of the room due to the rad iator and the door. Problem?
  • Diffusion or just absorption?

Before anybody asks "budget?" -- this is a living room, not a mastering room.