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My boy Ruby made it to the big league

Ive moved on from his plugins years ago, but no Slate though... thats a first and a surprise considering how popular his plugins are. Im happy to see Flux Epure finally getting more attention and respect. Well deserved for the patient sleeper.

I have tried and owned a lot of eqs, probably 100+ which is kind of ridiculous. More of a collection rather than a toolbox lol. Ive since cut it down to one handful in actual use.

With that being said I would eventually place Toneboosters EQ4 in the top 10 but only when it goes AAX. Yes I am jealous and spiteful lol. It is a fantastic inexpensive EQ with dynamic functions and is a joy to use due to the well thought out layout and keybinds. I would also add Sonimus StoneEQ. Again inexpensive but can easily hang and imo surpass the more expensive options.

I'd also like to add a few sleeper EQs for others to try that aren't necessarily "Top 10" but I rarely see these mentioned but I hope more people will add on to this list:

ApulSoft ApQualizr2
Sir Standard EQ

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