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What music do u mix on them i am about to get klasik but the rear ports are not good imo ports in speakers are not good in general.Do the apzs coax will be good for terribly loud genres as house tech house?
I've been doing a lot of sort of left-field electronic type stuff, but not generally that bass heavy. I think with something like tech house my one concern would be lack of bass but that's better than hyped/excessive bass. I've also done a few mixes of almost Tom Waits-y singer-songwriter rock stuff that someone else recorded, and mastered some crude live recordings of improvised acoustic music, and they've worked well on all of that.

Based on specs and my ears, the deal with the low end on these is that the rolloff starts higher than a lot of speakers of similar size but is actually less steep than usual, so the bass is both rolled of and deep at the same time. You'r enot going to feel the lowest stuff in your chest or anything, but you'll hear it. I've got no complaints, it took a couple weeks to adjust to the bass contour but even before I had I was getting good results, I just needed to check my mixes on familiar headphones regularly until I'd adjusted.

Another thing that makes them great for electronic production is that they're coaxial. I'd never actually used coaxial speakers before I got these and it seemed like it was maybe a bit of a gimmick but it really does make the listening sweet spot a lot bigger, and that's good f you're doing stuff where you might be mixing from one spot in the room but programming a synthesizer in a completely different spot - it's much easier to judge what you're doing when you're off axis on these things than any other speakers I've used, I guess because all of the sound from each speaker is coming from a single point, so as you move t only phase relationships that change signiicantly are between the left and right speakers, but you have pretty much the same phase correlation between the woofer and tweeter (and no bass port complicating things further) in any one speaker no matter where you are in relation to them. With other speakers I've used, as you move out of the sweet spot the tonal balance can change ot realyluickly, but with these they sound pretty much the same no matter where I'm sitting or standing - the stereo image gets disrupted and the highs drop a little as you get off axis, but it's not like typical two or three way ported speakers where everything changes if you roll your chair to the side a bit.