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Specs and price are one thing. Translation and no "holes" in the sound are another.

The reviews would be much more useful if things were rated in each quality.
Range: 20-20K or something else?
Transients: How fast does the speaker go from nothing to steady full volume. this can vary from frequency to frequency.
Holes: Typically there is a mixture of dips and bumps in the EQ response at the cross over point between 2 way and 3 way speakers. Some speakers you can't tell, others you here a huge hole where things get muddy at a specific EQ range.
Throw: Some speakers are better at 4' away, some are better at 6' away, what's the optimum speaker throw?
Translation: Some speakers make you work to get the mix right (Like NS-10's) because the speakers are not that good. Some speakers flatter the hell out of what you hear (B&W), details showing up you just dont hear on other speakers and headphones.

The mixture of all those design details is what makes some speakers cost tons of cash. As consumers, we should ask for a useful rating system about things like that. Then there will be something on paper to justify large speaker costs. Much of the problem is putting qualities we hear into words. How do we describe a sound? Now how do we describe the qualities of a system that delivers the sound? Not that easy. Perhaps some speaker designers or mastering engineers could take a shot at a great set of measurements that will allow all speaker designs to be on a level playing field for quality.