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Mine is still a keeper. Use it occasionally as a utility pre when I'm just messing around or need a pre for testing something. Never for anything serious. Funny, but the DMP3 sound is very similar to a very highly regarded high-end "transparent" preamp that in the past has gotten many accolades on this forum. I won't mention the brand because I don't want to embarrass them for selling a $2000+ preamp when the same sound can be had from the DMP3 for less than $100 used.

I compared the DMP3 out of the box with the Neve 5012 around 10 years ago, as I thought, I need to buy a better preamp. No, it was not necessary, and I saved a lot of money. Also I got experience since 2007 with my Presonus ADL 600, which I bought to enhance my piano recordings. Unfortunately the DMP3 won in this category,as the ADL 600 sounded too slow and muffy, I was really surprised. The ADL 600 is great for Voc / Strings, etc.. Believe it or not, I still use it for piano recordings in combination with a Lake People High End Converters, Neumann KM 184, Apex 205, and a Fireface 400. Perhaps anybody is interested in some audio files. Here are some with Neumann KM184 (FF400 Converters). Its a Yamaha C 7 grand piano.

Dropbox - Annette Xmas 2016 Remaster

PS: For shure, the metering of the DMP3 is not really good, but finally, you see it in the DAW Mixer, and the converter too.