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I was always told that the purpose for a DMP3 was to either upgrade a really bad built in preamp, or to use with interfaces (sound cards) of the day that didn't have preamps, or didn't have Phantom Power. I never bought one because I was told that the Yamaha mixer I had would be about the same, which was actually the same price with a lot more preamps. Not sure that this is true or not, but the general consensus back then was it was to bring your setup into the 2000's if it was older, or to just have a preamp, it was never going to upgrade an already usable preamp. Given that interface preamps are pretty decent these days, and this was very clean (if I recall correctly), the only thing it may be is a slightly duller, less full preamp which may be "vintage" to the 2000's specifically.

I know it's probably bad to virtually review something I have never used but I researched this a lot when I started. Back then, there were not many affordable preamps in general, clean or not, that were a legit upgrade from most built in stuff so everyone wanted it to be an upgrade but few felt it really was one. It would be interesting to try one out in 2018, just to see, but I don't think it's going to serve a unique purpose, at least stock.
I have owned a DMP3 since about 1999. You are describing quite exactly what I think about this preamp. In 1999 it was better than low priced or mid priced interface preamps. Not by a lot then, and after a few years not at all. It has screwy metering that doesn’t seem to relate to any normal standard. That’s the only negative thing that annoys me about it. It is clean and reliable amplification with phantom power and an OK direct. I don’t regret buying and keeping it, and have always found a use for it. That said, I don’t see the sense of buying one now. It isn’t a transformer or tube pre, so upgrades and parts swapping are more for the fun of it than to end up with a first-in-line killer pre.