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The DMP3 has got a maximum gain of 66 db Plus the 20dB gain from the Fethead, its a really good preamp for ribbon mics.

Why are you writing " Leave me out of any mod discussion" and you still write here ?

If there would not be a benefit before and after, I would not have done 6 modifications on DMP3s

I just wanted to show you that you are wrong saying that the DMP3 is not a good ribbon preamp.

If you can 't stand being quoted or commented, better stay out of some discussion forums.
1. Your use of the Fethead demonstrates that the DMP3 by itself is not a good ribbon preamp. That’s opposite of what you think you are proving. The DMP is a decent preamp, but it needs additional gain for ribbons. What part of that is wrong?
2. This thread was not about DMP3 mods. You can write about that, but It isn’t the subject of the thread.
3. Doing mods and proving that each mod is beneficial are two different things. Your statement is like saying, “Smoking 20 cigarettes a day shows how good they are for me.” It’s illogical on its face.
4. You seem to WANT very much to say I’m wrong. OK, you’ve said it several times. Feel good about that.
4. Thank you for warning me to stay out of some discussion forums.